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A optical isolator for NGPON2 application

Edit: Anfiber Technology Limited Date: 2018-12-15
NGPON2 takes TWDM-PON as the main technical scheme, adopts 4/8 wavelength superposition mode, and adopts 10G TDM per wavelength.Optical products department launches a optical isolator for NGPON2 application,and their central wavelengths are 1535nm and 1600nm isolators. The 1535nm optical isolator has better wavelength coverage at the NGPON2 ONU, and the 1600nm optical isolator is designed for OLT channel 1-4 or channel 1-8 to ensure optimal performance. At the same time, in order to serve the customers better, according to their design needs, Optical products department research and development them to provide customers with OSA design improvement solutions, to assist customers to optimize design.