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1XN Optical Switch Modules

Name: 1XN Optical Switch Modules
Class: Optical Switch
Type: 1XN Fiber Optic Switch

1XN Optical Switch(Single mode and Multimode)
1XN Optical Switches Modules(1X4 1X8 1X12 1X16 1X24 1X32 1X45 1X64 1X128) is a kind of functional component, with the ability of switching optical route.The 1XN Opto-Mechanical Optical Switches consists of 1 input and N output fiber ports that selectively transmits, redirects,or blocks optical power in a fiber optic transmission line.These all-optical switches are bi-directional and can be used in either the 1xN or Nx1 direction.Fiber optical switches is designed for use in optical fiber communication networks and measurement instruments.
  • Features of Optical Switches:
  • More Than 128 Channels
  • Low Loss and High Reliability
  • Parallel Interface (TTL)
  • Epoxy-free on Optical Path
  • Modularized Design
  • Single mode and Multi-mode
  • Applications of Optical Switches:
  • Ring Network
  • Remote Monitoring in Optical Network
  • Testing of Fiber,Optical Component
  • System Monitoring
  • Secure Communications
  • R&D in Laboratory

  • Specifications of Optical Switches:
    Parameters Unit ANFIBER-FSW-1XN
    Fiber Type   Multimode Single mode
    Insertion Loss 1, 2 dB 1 ? N ? 8 8 ? N ? 16 16 ? N ? 64 64 ? N ? 128
    Typ: 0.6 Max: 0.8 Typ: 0.8 Max: 1.0 Typ: 0.8 Max: 1.2
    Wavelength Range nm 85040/130040 1260~1650
    Test Wavelength nm 850/1300 1310/1550
    Return Loss 1, 2 dB MM?30  SM?50
    Crosstalk 1 dB MM?55  SM?70
    PDL dB ?0.05 ?0.1
    WDL dB ?0.25
    TDL dB ?0.25
    Repeatability dB ?0.02 ?0.05
    Durability Cycles ?10 Million
    Switch Time ms ?10 (Sequence switch time of adjacent channel)
    Optical Power mW ?500
    Operating Temperature ? -20~+70
    Storage Temperature ? -40~+85
    Relative Humidity % 5 ~ 95
    Dimension mm 135X64X32 (N?16) 150X80X32 (9?N?16)
    150X80X70 (17?N?64) 150X50X70 (65?N?128)
    Note:   Within operating temperature and SOP.
               2  Customization is available.

    Optical Path of Optical Switches:
    Single mode Multimode 850/1310/1550nm Fiber Optical Switches
    Ordering Information of Optical Switches:
    A B C D E F G
    Channel Test
    Fiber Type
    Fiber Length Connector Dimension
    1 ~ 128
    85: 850nm
    13: 1310nm
    15: 1550nm
    X: Others
    X: Others
    X: Others
    05: 0.5m
    10: 1.0m
    15: 1.5m
    X: Others
    00: None
    FP: FC/PC
    FA: FC/APC
    SP: SC/PC
    SA: SC/APC
    SP: ST/PC
    SA: ST/APC
    LP: LC/PC
    LA: LC/APC
    X: Other
    02: 135X64X32-DB9
    X: Others

    1XN Optical Switches Modules Single mode Multimode 850/1310/1550nm
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